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Kishan Kumar wins 3rd Aparna Dutta Memorial Rating Open 2023

by Shahid Ahmed - 13/11/2023

Kishan Kumar and Iftikar Alom Mazumdar scored an unbeaten 8.5/10 each at 3rd Aparna Dutta Memorial Rating Open 2023. Kishan won the tournament due to better tie-breaks, Iftikar was placed second. 12-year-old Oishik Mondal scored sole 8/10 to secure third place. Kishan faced Iftikar in the sixth round which ended in a draw. The total prize fund of the tournament was ₹301000. The top three prizes were ₹40000, ₹30000 and ₹20000 along with a trophy each respectively. This is Kishan's third overall, second rating tournament triumph of the year after winning Chess for Everyone in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh nearly five and a half months ago. Photos: FM FT FA Prasenjit Dutta/Matrix Chess Academy

Kishan's third tournament triumph in 2023

Kishan Kumar, Souradip Deb and Iftikar Alom Mazumder were in a three-way lead 7.5/9 heading into the final round. Iftikar defeated Souradip and Kishan won against Arshiya Das. Thus, Kishan became champion on tie-breaks, Iftikar second. Oishik Mondal scored a victory against Debankur Banerjee to finish third. He is the only teenager to make a podium finish.

Top 3 (L to R): 3rd Oishik Mondal 8/10, 1st Kishan Kumar 8.5/10 and 2nd Iftikar Alom Mazumdar 8.5/10

Gaurav - Kishan, Round 9

Position after 28...b3!

Kishan Kumar (1720) found a nice breakthrough 28...b3! White had to take it 29.axb3 a4 30.Ne3 axb3 31.Nd5 bxc2+ 32.Rxc2 Rxc2 33.Nxe7+ Kf7 and Black won.

Kishan Kumar scored an unbeaten 8.5/10 and gained 49.2 Elo rating points

Kishan Kumar in action

Lighting of the lamp

Mr. Bapi Dey, MD of Manoranjan Dey Trust, was the Chief Guest of the opening ceremony. Along with Mr. Dey, the patron of Matrix Chess Academy, Mr. Prabodh Ranjan Dutta, Secretary, All Tripura Chess Association, Mr. Dipak Saha, President of All Tripura Chess Association, Mr. Prasanta Kundu, Treasurer of All Tripura Chess Association, Mr. Mithu Debnath were present at the ceremony.

Arshiya Das, the first WCM from Northeast India, getting felicitated

Players in action

The Chief Guest at the Prize distribution ceremony was Mr. Bapi Dey, MD of Manoranjan Dey Trust. Mr. Sumanta Dey, Secretary Agiye Chalo Sangha, Mr. Probodh Ranjan Dutta, Patron, Matrix Chess Academy were also present.

Top boards

Thanks to FM FT FA Prasenjit Dutta, Tournament Director for sharing the photos and info about the tournament.


A total of 132 players took part from various states across the country and one from Bangladesh in this tournament. The six-day ten-round Swiss League Rating Open tournament was organized by Matrix Chess Academy at NSRCC Yoga Hall in Agartala, Tripura from 1st to 6th November 2023. The time control of the event was 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move starting from move no.1.

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Final standings

Rk.SNoNameTypsexGrFEDRtgIClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 Krtg+/-
110Kishan KumarIND1720BR8,561,56654,50072049,2
211Iftikar Alom MazumdarNEIND1703AS8,559,564,553,75072058,2
314Oishik MondalU14IND1566WB8576248,50084099,2
44Souradip DebIND1845WB7,562,567,548,500620-24,4
57Ajay Kumar RaiIND1806DASCB7,559,56445,7507201
61Kumar GauravIND1953BR76266,542,750620-31,2
72Dangmei BoscoNEIND1904MN7616643,500620-30
86WCMArshiya DasU14wNEIND1808TR757,561,540,750640-78,8
915Mahir TanejaU12IND1543DL757,56039,00054060
1025Himanshu MoudgilIND1448DASCB754,55839,25042034,4
115Singh Soram RahulNEIND1839AS6,56468,542,750520-18
123Pradeep TiwariIND1854DASCB6,5616639,500520-47,2
1323Debankur BanerjeeNEIND1462TR6,559,56335,75064068,4
1427Karnav P DekaU14NEIND1410AS6,5586337,2505400,8
1519Piyal Roy ChowdhuryNEIND1499AS6,55861,538,250520-16,4
1622Aahil PatraU12IND1462WB6,557,562,538,25054055,2
1712AFMVandan Alankar SawaiU12IND1688DL6,55558,535,500540-69,6
1832Shreyas MishraU12IND1357UP6,5545936,2506407,2
1924Chaarvi ChoudhuryU14wNEIND1456AS6,55458,536,500540-3,2
2048Debarati DeyU12wNEIND1263AS6,55458,536,25054059,2


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